Crossed Out Names Demo EP

by Crossed Out Names

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This is our first demo, recorded during 2015. All guitars played by Raji Tafserka.


released December 1, 2015

Crossed Out Names are:

Annette von Borstel - vox, keys
Andre von Borstel - guitars
VACANT - bass
Max Ressel - drums



all rights reserved


Crossed Out Names Bonn, Germany

Danceable melancholy from Bonn and Cologne.

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Track Name: Fire
It’s me having dinner in a fancy restaurant
Me with my favourite clothes on: black shirt and skirt
Me with a colored eyelid, ruby on my lips
Me sitting so still – you speak
With a piece of spinach right between your teeth
My hands squeeze up the napkin on my knees

There’s fire, and the air is getting thick,
you know there’s fire
and the moon is much too big
there is fire, and swallow heated stones
you know there’s fire
melting down my bones

It’s you playing execution once again
You in your favourite role, your favourite skin
You cutting up the thread held in my hands
You making me beg some harder punishment
Your gravity is more than I can bear, I’m a satellite
And wherever you may go, I will be there

There’s fire…

It’s me sitting in a room beside your bed
Me without my guilt, there’s nothing to repent
Me with my colored eyelid, more ruby on my lips
Me sitting so still – you sleep
And I wonder if I’ll ever learn to be a little bit harder
A teardrop’s falling down upon my knee
I wonder if I’ll ever learn to choose a little bit wiser
It wouldn’t be that bad sometimes to lose you
Track Name: Tackle Me
I’m trying to keep that feeling – easy going and lively
Far away from weeping – stepping out so lightly
But soon comes along that gloomy tune
Solitude – so rude

Won’t you tackle me, boy?

Days appear so peaceful – I’m scattering my light spots
So humorous and useful – until the tap clogs
And soon comes along that gloomy tune
Solitude – so rude

Won’t you tackle me, boy?
Track Name: Sole Reign
So, you’re expecting me to do
Something real, something true?
So, you’re you’re expecting me to be
As good as you, good as me?
And I said: Well, let’s try a little later
Sip a drink, swallow down the little haters
Take a nap, take a shot, take a time-out
Give a little room, just let me breathe out
Take a look at yourself in the mirror
Take a shot, take a shot, hit the dimmer
Follow me, follow me

If I got sole reign, I’d hurt myself
And no one else
I’d be coming down like rain to feed the hills
A force that kills
Track Name: Tsunami
Swallow hard, keep it there
You gotta calm down until she’s slowing down
Until she’s leaving room or space
Never change – just pretend that
You agree with everything she’s telling you
Nothing’s gonna work out right
She’ll slip from being confronted
A flood of words will make an excellent shield
Self-righteous, never responsive
Try to catch her - she’s out of reach

Fix a rule, try to pin it
Down with her, she’ll never let you
Do it, mate, always stating ‘it depends’
Mainly bright, but still autistic
Freaking out in front of everybody else
She’s living in another world
Redundance is part of her forename
She’ll talk you down ‘til you forget who you are
Reluctant to do what her job is
Try to catch her - she’s out – so far
Track Name: Dawn
Dawn will break whenever I may need her
Right on cue she’ll send a ray of light
And I’ll be here to welcome every photon
To keep it close, return it amplified

And when the lights are low
I’ll stay here on the phone
As long as you ask me so

Take –take one more step
Straighten your back
And we will be out of reach tonight
All of the things your closeness brings
will keep me up and out of reach tonight

When you’re lost I know that you will find me
When I’m hurt you try to give some ease
Through every vicious circle my companion
I know that we will finally find peace

So when the lights are low
I’ll stay here on the phone
As long as you ask me so